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Fitness Fun, Nutrition & Lifestyle in Pakistan – Pakistan’s First Book


Fitness Fun, Nutrition & Lifestyle in Pakistan – Pakistan’s First Book

2,500.00 2,000.00

The book touches upon

  • Body image size zero struggle
  • Body types body shapes Exercise and goals
  • Time consistency patience
  • Plateaus
  • 80/20
  • Diet and nutrition the ultimate
  • Interviews
  • Recipes
  • Workouts strength train
  • Detox
  • Water
  • Walking
  • Calories
  • Super foods
  • How to get into a fitness programme
  • How to choose a class or trainer

Or workout on your own
Find yourself, be who you are be the best version of yourself



About the Book,

This is my first nonfiction entry into books. In Pakistan there are no books in the fitness genre which cater specifically to Pakistani girls women’s needs (15-50)age group and I’ve set out to remedy this with a guidance manual for those interested in improving their fitness and nutrition.
This book encourages and inspires a lifestyle change. It advocates that starvation or spot dieting is not the key to a fit body. Size zero was a fad that came and went. A healthy Pakistani diet combined with an exercise and training regimen for your particular body type are health essentials. According to a survey in supplement magazine section of Dawn e-newspaper, ‘images.dawn.com’ ( dated Jul 09,2017 ) ‘ of 2514 readers, 31.17 % of female readers are overweight and looking for a remedy,’ staff reporter Munnazzah Raza writes. This book aims to build awareness about fitness and health in general, offer better techniques to weight management issues and gives knowledge about dietary lifestyles.
It will also clear fitness related myths and emphasize that exercise and diet are both crucial for a healthy body through:
a) researched information
b) personal experiences of trial and error,
c) firsthand interviews and routines from trainers and health professionals in Lahore, and London who show that exercise and diet go hand in hand.
Quote by Zainab Abbas at Route2, “Consistency is the only winning ingredient.”
Quote by Anthony Wachira, ” Effort is 100% exercise and 100% diet.”

Why I Wrote It

All too often we hear women saying ‘but we have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work,’ and they feel disillusioned and depressed because of a lack of professional guidance. Women will have a better understanding after reading this book that why the saying ‘one size does not fit all,’ is true and that there is no cookie cutter style philosophy, health and fitness journeys are personalised. Sensing a gap in the knowledge and research based information available for Pakistani females in the bookstores, knowledge that is prevalent to Asian body types and shapes, lifestyle changes that are real to us in our cultural setup and modifications that are suitable to our environment, I wanted this to be a management guide available in Pakistan for educated females seeking the right way to begin a journey into health from a young age. People inspire people through their experiences.
Quote ” Goals are met through consistency and determination.”
Quote ” An active lifestyle is therapeutic.”


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