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7 Beauty Products That Dermatologists Added To Their Black List

7 Beauty Products That Dermatologists Added To Their Black List

Thousands of people have trust in beauty products. Shelves in the stores are filled with such products and all of them claim to provide you with flawless skin. Hence, all of these products are not worthy. So, you should be careful in your selection. Here is a list of those beauty items that dermatologists never prescribe to their patients.

1. Hand and body lotion

7 Beauty Products That Dermatologists Added To Their Black List

Creams are heavier and contain a higher thickness than the lotions. Creams infiltrate the skin and give an obstruction that stops dampness damage from the skin, while lotions don’t. The body lotion is useful for skin that isn’t unnecessarily dry or when it’s desirable over not have a sticky, oily feeling on the skin.

2. Charcoal face masks

 2. Charcoal face masks - Tabib.pk

This famous beauty item has a lot of adversaries among dermatologists. The experts guarantee that these sorts of masks harm the skin structure. The elements of this mask are extremely forceful, they expel skin cells and oil from the skin.

3. Sunscreen spray

Sunscreen spray - Tabib.pk

Specialists agree that sunscreen spray is very easy to understand. On the other hand, they prefer sunscreen creams for their use because it’s difficult to use spray in a thick layer. Dermatologists accept that sunscreen items which contain zinc oxide are gentler to the skin and are progressively powerful. The sunscreen creams or lotions stay away the ultraviolet rays of the sun from your skin.

4. Tanning oil

Tanning oils are not admired by dermatologists. They have little defense against ultraviolet rays and they moreover block pores which is not good the skin’s condition.

5. Hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream - Tabib.pk

This cream is a solid steroid item. It should be used when a person has genuine skin illnesses. But, a few people want to utilize it on skin acne without a specialist’s suggestion which is quite awful because it can cause skin diminishing, rashes, dermatitis, and steroid skin break out, after long use.

6. Foot masks

Foot masks - Tabib.pk

Dermatologists don’t suggest utilizing nourishing or moisturizing foot masks. Creams can easily provide you the same effect. So, foot masks are entirely useless and are not exceptionally advantageous. If you have used foot masks, then it is just the waste of your hard-earned money.

7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is famous, particularly for home use. In any case, it’s not the best alternative for face care. Coconut oil blocks pores and makes the skin oily, and as a result, prompts skin acne and pigmentation.

Skin Care Dermatologist

No doubt, natural ingredients, and related products help a lot in getting your desired skin. However, our experts highly recommend visiting the best skincare dermatologist for getting your skin checked. A proper check-up is required so that the exact cause of the problem can be known. After that, you will be able to perform a treatment that can assist you accurately. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead and book an appointment with the best dermatologist. You can check our videos or simply contact us to get our assistance.

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