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5 Foods Children Shouldn’t Eat and What You Can Give Them Instead

5 Foods Children Shouldn’t Eat and What You Can Give Them Instead - Tabib.pk

Every year about one hundred children suffers in the world with infant botulism, an infection caused by bacteria found in honey. You need to take care of the foods of the children that they eat. Bacteria may be found in foodstuff of infants that they like to eat and it can critically affect kids’ immune systems that are not robust sufficient yet. There are some favorite foods that children eat every day that they may be dangerous for them.

1. Fruit juice drinks, sodas, and sports drinks

5 Foods Children Shouldn’t Eat and What You Can Give Them Instead - Tabib.pk

According to a study, children of one year should never take juice, energy drinks, and sodas, because all these can be harmful to them. These energy drinks affect kid’s nervous system, memory, and skin. Additionally, each drink includes an excessive quantity of energy and sugar that can motive cavities and doesn’t give any type of minerals or vitamins.

You should try to make fresh juices and healthy drinks at your home. These homemade juices provide nutrition and vitamins to your children.

2. Kids’ yogurt

Although yogurt is a healthy and great addition in an infant’s food, try to make yogurt for your children at home. Artificial colors and the sugar contained in market yogurts are definitely bad for kids and aren’t at all beneficial. Many food colors have been banned, even as others can cause allergic reactions in children or probable cause hyperactivity and other styles of destructive behavior. Instead, you can buy ordinary yogurt and sweeten it with the use of honey in case your kid is older than one.

3. Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is a well-known, quick and tasty choice for kids’ snacks. However, few can be conscious that the bags utilized in microwave popcorn can discharge risky chemical substances. They contain perfluorinated chemical substances, which can be also used in rapid-meals wrapping paper, and while heated on excessive, they emit compounds inside the process that can be harmful to infant’s improvement and are caused to cancer. You can easily make your popcorn at your home through heating a few kernels in a pan with some drops of olive oil at the stove. It just takes about 5-7 mins and children like it due to its good taste.

4. Canned tomatoes or any canned food

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a toxic component located in lots of packaging substances like plastic, however, in higher quantities, it could be detected in cans, a variety of which is likewise emitted within the meals contained in the cans. This risky element can affect the development of the kid, their brain system, their reproductive system and it’s also related to cancer. So, use fresh chopped tomatoes when you decide to make macaroni or pasta with tomato sauce.

5. Rice bars and rice cereal

Rice is the main food item for the infant and they like to eat rice and rice-based foodstuff. You should try to prepare rice or rice bars for the children at your own home. The preparation is very easy and you have to save your kid from high levels of inorganic arsenic.

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