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5 Skincare Hacks That Work Like a Charm

5 Skincare Hacks That Work Like a Charm - Tabib.pk (1)

Summers can be destructive for your skin as heat and dry air can cause skin issues. So, everyone wants to take care of their skin but there is a problem that skincare brands are very expensive.

Skin Treatment

It may difficult for you to afford skin treatments and you find them expensive. Hence, Tabib.pk has collected the top 5 skincare hacks for you that can be helpful to rejuvenate your skin. Following are some easy skincare hacks that are clean and quick, and can make your skin to be glamorous in any climate. Have a look at these hacks to get benefit!

1. Baking Soda Scrub

5 Skincare Hacks That Work Like a Charm - Tabib.pk (1)

Baking soda is not only use in your kitchen but it is also best in your skincare. Make a paste with 1 part water and 3-part baking soda. Wash your face with normal soap and softly rub the paste on your face. After you have covered all face, wash it with simple water. This can work as a face cleanser for touchy pores and skin.

2. Sweet And Salty Makes It Beautiful

Mix honey, salt, sugar and coconut oil and make a thick paste. Scrub your face with soft hands. Use this twice in a week and it will close your open pores and reduce acne. The oilier your skin is, the more tough factors (salt and sugar) you can use.

3. Go Exotic: Marula oil

Marula oil gets from the marula tree that is located to South Africa. Its oil is complete of greasy acids. So, it is best recommendation for soothing dry skin and dehydrated pores. The oil absorbs speedy and could leave your pores and skin healthy.

4. Vitamin A

Dermatologists suggest choosing night time creams that incorporate vitamin A, known as retinol. But you can make your night cream with the vitamin A yourself. Add some drops of carrot oil or rosehip to your night time cream. This will help you keep away from stretch marks, pimples, and wrinkles. Those 2 oils are beneficial to get rid of scarring, especially when used on pimples and scars.

5. Tea Tree Oil Is Not For Tea

Dermatologist claim that tea tree oil is a great gift against fighting skin bacteria. It gives you to relief inflammation, irritation and reduce acne. Take an anti-acne gel and use it with teat tree oil. Soon you will see that your acne disappears and you skin flawless.

Final Thoughts

Dermatologists have found out a number of simple regular tips to be able to help your pores and skin look beautiful and healthy.

  • Wash your face a few times in a day. Use cleansing products which are suitable for your age and skin.
  • Use sunscreen each day. Apply eye cream at night time. Choose one with nutrients A, C, E, and K. This will help you to prevent wrinkles and dark circles.

However, it is recommended to visit a board-certified dermatologist to get your skin checked.

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