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How Acne Treatment Is Categorized?

How Acne Treatment Is Categorized

It’s true that acne is a critical skin issue that is not easy to cure, however a complete range of acne treatment is available on the market. Each acne treatment is presented with high claims to do marvels, but on really only a few of them work.

Categories of Acne Treatment

There are three broader categories of acne treatment that are commonly used to cure the acne breakouts.

  1. Procedural
  2. Topical
  3. Systemic

Procedural Acne Treatment

Procedural acne treatment is a complete range of different treatment options. It includes different skin therapies that are performed by skin specialists, dermatologist, and esthetician. They perform these therapies to treat different problems caused by acne.

Procedural acne treatment works the best in combination with other treatment options such as systemic and topical. It is used for the treatment of different grades of acne from mild to severe. A dermatologist can be a great support to design your acne treatment plan.

Topical Acne Treatment

It includes the treatment of skin from outside that is affected by the acne. Applying different products such as creams, lotions, and some other products can be used in it. Both prescribed ad over the counter products are used in this kind of treatment. Topical treatment can cure mild to severe acne by using prescribed and over the counter products.

Systemic Acne Treatment

Systemic acne treatment is the type of treatment that cures the cause of acne. This problem takes place due to some problem inside the body so oral medication is used for treatment. Medicines can be injected into the skin as well so that acne outbreaks can be controlled.

Systemic Acne Treatment

Systemic treatment is used for moderate acne problems when other treatment options don’t work. In order to get the better results this type of treatment is used in combination with other treatment types like topical treatment. Systemic treatment deals with hormonal causes of acne outbursts as well because at times hormonal disorder affects the skin most.

A dermatologist can better advise you the type of treatment according to the type and grade of acne you are facing. It is essential to see the dermatologist while facing even mild acne because it can lead to severe afterward.

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