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Hair Laser Treatment For Hair Loss

Hair Laser Treatment For Hair Loss

Laser hair treatment is something that is growing in popularity because a large number of people are victim of hair loss or having thin hair. There is no proven therapy for baldness, but laser hair treatment can prevent further hair loss, and can help stimulate new growth.

How Does Laser Hair Treatment Work?

A laser light of the lower level is used on the scalp, and this light is used on the entire scalp in different directions. A hood is placed on the scalp that emits many layers of tissues on it. This treatment is non –surgical in its nature.

 It causes no pain and no side effects. There is no use of chemicals and oils in this procedure. Just a light is used that increase the energy production in depth of the cell. The idea behind this therapy is to stimulate blood flow that revitalizes the cells and help the other tissues to get repaired. The new cells then help producing hair follicles which encourage new growth of hair. Laser hair treatment was started to stop baldness, and it is of great use to slow down this process.

laser hair treatment

Who Should Go For Hair Laser Hair Treatment?

This treatment is useful for many people as some of the suitable candidates for hair laser treatment are

  • Male or female with balding hereditary patterns.
  • Male or female who is taking prescription medication for hair loss.
  • Male or female who is experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
  • Male or female who wants to go for surgical treatment of hair loss.

Whoever wants to go for laser hair treatment should go for evaluation first because it is important to see that what is the rate of hair fall and what is the ratio of hair follicles. In case of very few hair follicles the best option is hair transplant. The good idea is to go for the treatment when hair loss started, but it does not mean that it does not work well on advance stages of hair loss.

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