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15-Minute Belly Fat Workout for Those Who Are Too Busy to Go to the Gym

15-Minute Belly Fat Workout for Those Who Are Too Busy to Go to the Gym - Tabib.pk

A normal person in the world goes through around 8.06 hours out of each day at work on the weekdays and 5.53 hours out of every day at work on the weekend. When you spend your leisure time with friends, transportation, and family, it seems the gym becomes a part of your dream. So, Tabib.pk has selected a specific 15-minute workout that will be helpful for you in losing your belly fat by exercising at home. With the help of this workout, you will be able to get stunning outcomes.

How To Lose Belly Fat?

Following effective and simple exercises will be enough for you to get the answer to your question regarding losing belly fat. Read this article carefully to explore more!

1. Start doing cardio by using the stairs

15-Minute Belly Fat Workout for Those Who Are Too Busy to Go to the Gym - Tabib.pk

Cardio is significant for losing fat and it will make your digestion system fast. So next time, rather than using a lift, use stairs. You will notice that your body feels much better. 

In case, you live in a high building, simply begin climbing the stairs there. From the start, it may be only for 15 minutes, then gradually increase your limits. After some months, you will notice to lose some pounds and get your body in shape.

2. Use a chair to do crunches

You can do this exercise easily in your home and even inside your office. You just take a 15-minute break and complete this exercise. 

  • After sitting, lift your legs off the floor with the goal that they are straight out before you. At that point, pull your knees toward your chest, and after that straighten your legs once more. 
  • Complete 3 sets of 20 reps. 

3. Do side crunches on a chair

  • After lying on your hips, pulling your legs up and downs. 
  • Initially, do this on your right side and then do it on your left side. 
  • This exercise prepares your abdominal muscles.

4. Do V-ups to develop abdominal muscles

This exercise might be hard for you. In any case, it’s very powerful and you don’t need a gym to do this. 

  • You need to lift your body up and balance your arms and legs at the same time.
  • Lay down, stretch your arms above your head, away from your legs. Palms should face down. Legs ought to be straight.
  • Now, gradually begin lifting the limbs together in a V shape. 
  • Attempt to touch your toes with your fingers. 
  • At that point gradually begin returning the body back to the beginning position. 
  • Complete 3 sets of 10-15 reps. 

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