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4 Healthy Foods for weight loss

4 Healthy Foods for weight loss - tabib.pk

Weight loss is the aim of the majority in the current world due to the higher rate of obesity. Researchers are struggling to find out the ways of losing weight effectively. According to recent research increasing the amount of fiber in food helps to lose the body weight in an effective manner. You should look for the food for weight loss that is rich in fiber as the recommended amount of fiber per 1,000 calories is 8 grams.

A List of Food for Weight Loss

Following is the list of food for weight loss that is rich in fiber and plays an active part to shed the extra pounds of body weight.

Green beans

Green beans - tabib.pk

Green beans are rich in fiber as they a cup of green beans can give the body 4 gram fiber along with vitamin C that is useful for skin. You should eat this food for weight loss on a regular basis because only losing weight is not important, but to keep it off is also crucial.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes - tabib.pk

You can add sweet potatoes in the list of foods for weight loss because it can be described as a powerhouse due to the nutritional benefits it offers to the body. A medium sized potato contains 5 grams of fiber and many other nutrients such as Vitamin C, potassium, iron, beta carotene, lutein, and magnesium so the health benefits are also diverse like the nutrients that sweet potatoes offer to the body.


Chickpeas - tabib.pk (1)

Chickpeas a food for weight loss rich in fiber are a must to add food in your diet plan.3/4 cup of chickpeas offers 8 grams of fiber to the body that promotes weight loss. Other than fiber this food offers folate, and vitamin B 6 to the body that is of core importance in the formation of new cells.


Apples - tabib.pk

Apples should be added in the food for weight loss plan to get the fiber and vitamin C to not only loses the weight, but to stay in good health as well. Vitamin C is also present in apples that are good for skin so your skin remains fresh even during weight loss regimen.

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