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Healthy meal plan for kids they love

Healthy meal plan for kids they love - Tabib.pk

Eating nutritiously well is the need of everyone; however mother is the only one who thinks about it for all members of the family especially for kids. Designing a healthy meal plan for kids is something challenging for a mother because tempting kids for healthy eating is not something every easy.

 The market is full of tempting food that children love to eat, but the nutritional importance of those foods is doubtful because you don’t know that what actually those foods contain. The better option is to design a healthy meal plan for kids yourself so that you can feel satisfied that your kids are getting what they need to grow and stay healthy.

It is not difficult to prepare the healthy meal plan for kids just a little effort and careful attitude is required. You need to make some changes in the list of groceries and you can make delicious tempting dishes for your children that they would love to eat. I am going to share a sample meal plan of 3 days  with you that will help you to design a healthy meal plan for kids.

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Sat Sat is a relaxed day for kids so give them a delicious breakfast high in protein with baked beans and grilled polenta. Roasted vegetables with potato salad. Healthy chicken nuggets. Apple crumble is a good option for a snack.
Sun Fried eggs in the shells of tomato are healthy and low in carb. Brown rice salad with raisins and walnuts is delicious and nutritious. Delicious soup of vegetables with corn. Peanut butter balls are healthier for kids to eat.
Mon Cheese omelet is a good option for breakfast. Make a salad of tuna and beans for kids to let them enjoy. Macaroni with cheese tastes really great. Fresh fruits and yogurt.
Tue Creamy yogurt and a fresh apple juice are a yummy start of the day. Finger chips with a beef burger is quite wholesome and healthy for kids. Fried fish is a good option to get omega 3. A dip of protein with sticks of carrot.
Wed Cereal with dry fruits. Noodles with the vegetables. Kids love pie so give them delicious shepherd’s pie. Fresh mango slices with yogurt.
Thur A strawberry smoothie or shake. Pizza with roasted chicken. Sweet mini peppers with chicken sandwich. Fruit pudding.
Fri Whole wheat raisins with banana. Turkey roll ups Cornmeal crusted with sandwich of fish. Brown bag popcorn.

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