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Top 5 Acne Scar Removal Remedies

Top 5 Acne Scar Removal Remedies

Acne scars spoil the beauty of your face and you look for different remedies that help you to lighten them or to remove them forever. The market is full of different products that claim to remove the scars, however not all products can do it. There are different acne scar removal remedies that you can try just by using things at home.

Top 5 Acne Scar Removal Remedies

How Acne Scar Removal Remedies Work?

  1. First remedy is to use baking soda. It is used to exfoliate the skin. You can add two teaspoons of filtered water in one teaspoon of soda to prepare a paste. When you apply this paste to the scars gently rub it for almost 60 seconds, and after that rinse it from the skin where you applied.
  2. It is good to apply olive oil on the face after cleansing it with soda. The amount of oil should not be more than a pea size. There is a moisturizing element in the olive oil that penetrate into the skin to remove the scars and soften the texture of skin. The problem of the scars can affect the skin, and it can lose its elasticity so olive oil helps tightening the skin.
  3. Fruits are good for health as well as for the skin so apart from eating you should apply on the face. Applying pineapple to the face is a good acne scar removal remedy because it contains ascorbic acid and adds brightness the face as well as help fade the scars.
  4. Water is the basic need of your skin because dehydration affects the freshness as well as the texture of the skin. The water removes toxins from the body as well that helps in making skin fresh and glowing. Drink plenty of filtered or boiled water to enjoy healthier skin.
  5. Lemon juice is of great importance to lighten the dark acne scars. Cleansing your face with lemon juice helps removing the scars. you can use a cotton ball to apply lemon juice on the face and you can rinse after ten minutes. This acne scar removal remedy is popular, but be careful if your skin is sensitive before using lemon juice.
acne scar removal remedies

These useful acne scar removal remedies are not expensive because you can find all these things at home or can get from the market easily without spending a large amount of money on purchasing acne scar removal products.

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